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The BIOCOR project ended in August 2013, but the consortium still remains active! Prof. Régine Basséguy as project coordinator, wanted to thank all the members of this network and wanted to inform that Publications and Communications from our early stage researchers, new doctors, experienced researchers, visiting scientists and professors are regularly updated.

The BIOCOR project ended in August 2013 and the final reports have been approved by the Research Executive Agency (REA) on the 25th of February 2014 thanks to the contribution of everybody. The consortium still remains active with publications and communications (liens vers publications), the profiles and the new positions of the recruited researchers are up-dated (liens vers researchers). BIOCOR is also still present on the international scene via the chair of the EFC working party 10 ( and is waiting for you at the next EUROCORR 2014 (

Words from Prof. Régine Basséguy:

“BIOCOR has been a successful scientific and human adventure. You will be able to see the work accomplished during this last fours years reading the publications and contacting our new experts in Biocorrosion. This work would have been difficult to manage without the work of a large range of people who helped me to make BIOCOR a European success!
Today, I would like to thank Mr Julio Valles ( for his contribution in the creation of the proposal and his efficient help in the management of the project during the first two years of BIOCOR. I also would like to thank all the administrative staff from the eighteen academic and industrial partners who worked really hard to follow us, the researchers, on daily basis. Especially my colleagues from CNRS-DR14 ( and the Laboratoire de Génie Chimique de Toulouse as lead partners, who put all their efforts to combine French and European requirements at the same time. In this group, I include my two successive European Project Managers, Jenny Stephenson and Vincent Birrien for the wonderful managing and communication job they performed during the project.
My work as the scientific in charge of BIOCOR projects has been also much more easier to deal with thanks to my numerous colleagues who help me in this adventure. First, my own team within the Laboratoire de Génie Chimique de Toulouse, who supported me directly or indirectly in my scientific tasks within this large project. Second, I cannot forget all the work done by my European partners who put so much efforts, knowledge and time in this initiative. Without this strong academic and industrial support from them, it would have been more difficult to make our early stage researchers to become so valuable and professional experts. To finish I wanted to congratulate all our recruited researchers because they worked so hard in their different countries to make this project such a success. I think my European colleagues and I made a really good selection of people from the beginning. It could not be a better one. I speak in different ways. Our students were already really good researchers but they could also bring the project as a human adventure with international friendship and cooperation, no matters the amount of work, time and stress sometimes! I thank my new and future doctors and I wish all of them to succeed in their professional and personal life! Thanks to ALL and see you soon for future collaborations!”

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